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We Chews Vegan: Paula & Jack

Updated: Feb 21

"The most important thing about being vegan and sharing this with my dog is, we are not participating in the cruel mass slaughter of animals, that are just as special as dogs, to feed my dog." ~ Paula Muscardin

This bond between humans and dogs is one of the many reasons we at Virchew decided it's high time to raise our paws for Veganuary! We're super excited to highlight some of our furiends and their hoomans as they share their "We Chews Vegan" stories during January.

Meet Paula & Jack

A Special Education Assistant and SPCA Rescue

SPCA rescue Jack watches his human Paula prepare a delicious plantbased vegan meal of virchew for him which was created by laura simonson.


Good for Our Hearts

Paula decided four years ago to stick to veganism and stop waffling. She refers to it as entering her 'never going back' commitment to living vegan and vowed never to backpedal again. Her heart and the hearts of those around her will all benefit from this decision because living vegan is more than just a diet; it is really about living in a way that brings as little pain and exploitation to the voiceless who share this planet with us.

SPCA rescue Jack watches his human Paula for advice on a great pose at the virchew open house party hosted by laura simonson.

Good for Our Dogs

"In almost four years and so many different attempts at finding the right food, vegan is simply working the best. I am no longer stressing about his health as he is so healthy and energetic, and I never feel like we have to go to the vet. He is just so good." Jack had been on and off vegan dog food for three years but was still eating animal products through snacking. It has been the introduction of Virchew into his life that allowed Paula to completely nourish him with plant-based meals and treats.

Good for Our Planet

As a vegan duo, Paula and Jack are making change just by how they eat! (Did you know you can count how beneficial not-eating animals can be by using the Veestro Vegan Calculator* and a climate study for companion animals). Check out how incredible these two are!

virchew shares the amount of impact paula and spca rescue jack have made by not eating animals and living a vegan lifestyle.

"My thoughts on how many animals and resources Jack and I have saved in just one month by being vegan is, "We truly are superheroes!"

It's The Perfect Time to Chews Love

When it comes to making a diet change as part of the 'new year, new you,' Paula shares, "If anyone is thinking about participating in Veganuary with their dog, I want them to know that it has been so easy. Jack loves Virchew more than any other food we have tried."

Paula has three tips for anyone and everyone who signed up for the Veganuary Challenge.

1. Be patient and don't give up!

2. Open your mind to all the possibilities available. It is hard to find a grocery store or market in Canada that does not have new products to try.

3. If you feel tired, it is probably because you are tired and not because you are not eating animal products.

If you are looking for a recommendation for great plant-based dining or take-away, Paula recommends Chau Veggie Express and Meet on Main in Vancouver, and for at home, Earth's Own dairy-free products are great substitutes for creamer, butter, and spreads.

Paula and spca rescue jack enjoy a hike after a delicious plantbased vegan lunch of virchew dog food for jack.

Veganism is NOT Extreme

Paula considers Jack the dog version of herself. They love to do all of the same things. He is her best friend, adventure partner, at-rest partner, and is her therapy. "Life is better with Jack."

When asked how do people respond to finding out you and your dog are both vegan, Paula replies - "When people find out both Jack and I are vegan, the response is mostly quiet. I am always surprised at how few people I know and meet are committed to a cruelty-free life."

If you missed our first post in the series about Miriam and Hank, "A Public Interest Advocate & Northern Canadian Stray," click there now.

We Chews Vegan: Eat the Change - Together is a digital event launched by Virchew to celebrate our human-dog bond through the stories of some really cool people and their pooches who are living and thriving together on a vegan diet. We'll share not only the incredible tangible impact that can be made but also the intangible benefits that warm our hearts and lift our spirits - all of which contribute to a better, kinder world filled with love.

Hungry for more? Fetch our stories and testimonials over at

*Calculations were made using the Veestro Vegan Calculator for humans and this study for our companion animals.

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