The Virchew Management Team

Founder & CEO

Laura Simonson

Best Pal: Seva

Laura is Virchew's heartbeat. She leads this venture with pure passion and a dog-loving soul. The relentless entrepreneur-within guided Laura through decades of success in real estate, fitness studio ownership, business development, sales, venture capital, events, website development, branding, and communications. Laura began research into plant-based diets for dogs in 1989. Deeply inspired by her first border collie, Shanti and due to her remarkable health, Laura knew she was on to something. Thirty years later and after a decade of research and development along with a team of experienced business leaders, specialists, veterinary professionals and Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, Laura began meticulously creating the formation of Virchew's foods and direct distribution business model. The strategy has been set in place to position Virchew as a company that will redefine the canine nutrition industry, one dog and one veterinarian at a time.

Chief Operating Officer

Todd Maki

Todd Maki’s purpose-driven career has spanned collaborating with contemporary leaders and building dynamic cohesive teams, to systematically positioning organizations for development and sustainable success. His background includes over 20 years of corporate experience at The Walt Disney Company, The Universal Music Group, and various additional leading-edge companies, and has a track record for streamlining processes and creating scalable operations to enhance profitability. He's known for creating high-functioning teams that achieve measurable success, developing business plans that capture capital investment, building quality relationships with customers and partners, and creating sales and marketing campaigns to ignite exponential growth. Todd is thrilled to join Virchew’s visionary crew, to ‘do the right thing’ for dogs, their people, and our planet and, together to bring to the masses an idea whose time has simply come, and the innovative products to consciously fuel it.

Chief Marketeing Officer (Fractional)

Steve Simitzis

Best Pal: Artemis and Boo Bear

Steve Simitzis is a long-time vegan of over 25 years with a 20+ year career in startups as a founder, operator, and advisor, with deep experience in pet food marketing and digital healthcare for pets. Previously, he was CMO at Wild Earth, a leading US-based vegan pet food brand, and led corporate incubation of direct-to-consumer startups at Mars Petcare. Steve joined Mars after a successful acquisition of his startup Treat, a pioneer in modern tech-enabled veterinary care and telemedicine. Steve also spends his time as a Partner at Solvable Syndicate, a community for food tech and climate tech angel investors who are changing the world for the better.

Lead, Veterinary Partnerships & Sales

Kerry Craig

Best Pal: Too many to name!

With a background of over 20 years of in the food and beverage manufacturing industries and 13+ years in veterinary healthcare, Kerry knows what dogs need and what their people want: more ethical, sustainable, and hypoallergenic food options for the fur babies we all love so much. As a manager of a highly successful clinic, Kerry teaches us how to build relationships with our veterinary partners and has played a key role in our test clinic programs. She is one of Virchew's favourite, energetic ideas person. She's always got her eye on what's possible next.

Lead, Customer Care & Happy Wags

Shannon Rose

Best Pal: Bella and Boston

Shannon is a passionate vegan with a background in sales, marketing and nutrition consulting who loves nothing more than to help others pursue healthy lifestyles. She's facilitated numerous community health improvement programs and, after a chance encounter with Laura at a local networking event, is now pairing her nutrition expertise with her loves of animals to keep both our two-legged and four-legged customers happy. Her personal experience with plant-based diets along with her love for animals and a genuine understanding of Virchew's vision, made her a perfect lead of the Virchew's Customer Care!

Lead, Distribution & Production

Geoff Ward

Best Pal: Rocky

Geoff and his best pal Rocky stumbled upon Virchew and the stars (and paw prints) all aligned. His work with Purolator in the past set him up as a shipping, receiving, and team leadership expert as just the guy we need managing Love Bowl deliveries across the Lower mainland and shipping across Canada. Geoff is also the head of Virchew's LOVE Bowl production and ensures that we have our shelves stocked in house to meet the ever-growing demand from doggos all over our glorious country.


The Virchew shareholder community (75+ people) consists of 12 veterinarians and other extraordinary individuals who represent several diverse professions from nutrition to law to accounting to medicine to architecture to activism.

We’ve exercised our provincial securities exemptions (combined with attracting several accredited investors) with the goal to create a large community of shareholders committed to the social and financial success of Virchew.