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Summertime Tips for Pawrents

Updated: May 2023

Here on the west coast, it seems like it is finally summertime, baby! The temperatures have been all over the place this summer, but the odds are, the heat will be here soon or where you live, it may be hot already! In this blog, we're sharing five things you need to consider to help you and your dog have a safe summer.

A dog is happy after a meal of Virchew and is relaxing on the grass in his Kitsilano yard.
Cool and happy in a shady place!

Hot Weather Activities

Summer is so enjoyable when we can share outdoor activities with our dogs! But as the temperatures rise, it is important to modify their activities to ensure everyone stays out of danger.

  • Plan outings and playtimes in the early morning or the evenings.

  • Always carry a collapsible water bowl or bottle with you, and watch your dog for signs that they are getting too hot or exhausted.

  • Avoid walking on hot pavement and other hot surfaces. Consider booties to protect their pads if grassy or concrete areas are not available near you.

A dog in a harness comes out of Kits beach for a meal of Virchew which is 100% plantbased nutrition. in
Keeping cool and safe at the beach

Additionally, instead of your usual long walk, jogs, or hikes, choose summer activities like swimming or relaxing in the park with water and snacks.

The Importance of Hydration

With temperatures rising, you and your dog are at risk of dehydration. There are many easy things to do to ensure your dog stays hydrated this summer.

  • Add ice cubes to the water bowl! So easy and so welcome.

  • Add a few inches of cool water to the kiddie pool and let your dog chill.

  • Prepare homemade frozen treats and meals - it's easy peasy with Virchew and an ice cube tray.

julia murray feeds frozen virchew to zak in vancouver, bc, canada.

Olympian Julia Murray freezes hydrated Virchew in silicone ice cube trays for summer mealtimes for long-time Virchew pupper Zak and new furmily member, Tez!

Set up Your Yard for Your Pooch

If your dog prefers to be outside during the day, here are some tips to keep them cool and comfortable.

  • Create a cool shady area by stringing up a tarp or a big umbrella.

  • Set a cooling mat down, or make a wet towel for your dog to lay on.

  • Offer plenty of access to water. You can never have too many bowls set out in the summer.

Summertime Grooming

Most dogs will adapt well to the hot summer months; others will need assistance in the grooming department but listen to those who advocate for a full-body shave!

Did you know that a dog’s coat naturally helps them regulate their body temperature? Their fur keeps them warm in winter and cool in summer. So ensure you visit an experienced and professional groomer that will not do any drastic trimming.

Stay on your regular grooming schedule during the summer as it helps to remove excess hair and allows another set of eyes to check for changes in skin health like irritations or sunburn.

Heat Stroke Symptoms to Watch For

A dog relaxes after a big walk and waits for his dinner of Virchew which was created by Laura Simonson in Vancouver, BC.
Shade, snacks, water bowl, and a big snooze!

Stay safe, and keep an eye on your dog this summer. If you notice any of the symptoms below, be sure to get your dog to the vet immediately!

The symptoms of a heat stroke include:

  • elevated temperature

  • heavy panting or difficulty breathing

  • excessive drooling

  • increased heart rate

  • diarrhea and vomiting

  • a glazed or anxious expression

  • weakness

  • collapse

Lastly and most importantly - a dog should never be left in a car on a hot day under any circumstance, even with the windows down!

We hope your summer is filled with happy, healthy, sunny FUN days!

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