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Virchew: Impact Investing

Updated: Feb 17

"Three key factors that make a rewarding investment and speak to our values."

As you may be aware, Virchew has been raising start-up equity capital through private investors. Through the power of many people, the company has been successful in raising capital, however, it's the social and cultural successes that truly set Virchew apart from most business start-up opportunities available in the Canadian marketplace.

Laura Simonson, founder of Virchew, has positioned her company as the leader of the pack and a timely investment opportunity in today's marketplace. If you're seeking to invest with your values, there are three key factors that set Virchew apart from others and what she believes we should look for in investment opportunities today:

1. Diversity and Social Impact

Virchew is a Women-Led Investment: Today's investor considers diversity. It is the key to transforming to an equal world through business. Over 90% of Virchew capital has been raised through women investors. From the moment Virchew's vision was conceived, part of the strategy was to invite more women investors and to date, that plan has worked. It is unfortunate that on a global scale, the facts don't paint the same picture - #DYK that women-led start-ups received just 2.3% of Venture Capital funding in 2020? Simonson feels that these statistics are simply unacceptable. It's promising to witness, however, the cultural and financial shifts that we are seeing as more women succeed through an informed approach to 'sustainable business' investments. In fact, Virchew is already hearing and seeing successes in their own shareholder community.

2. Sustainable and Compassionate Impact

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are in our DNA: As a plant-based business creating food for our dogs, Virchew leaves no stone unturned. By choosing to invest in a company like Virchew, you are contributing to every possible aspect of a rewarding sustainable investment: 100% plant-based (low impact, carbon emissions), animal welfare (no factory farming), social and economic impact through local employment for Canadians (no big agriculture or big corporations offering inhumane wages and treatment of workers), and supporting Canadian producers (80% of Virchew's ingredients are sourced from Canada).

3. Direct to Consumer Impact

Direct to Consumer (D2C) vs Retail Distribution: Virchew is an atypical model of distribution. Virchew's business model is vertical. What does that mean? Think Tesla. They produce and sell their own cars. Think Lululemon. They design, produce and sell their own active-wear and yoga apparel. From their own production facility and Virchew Shop in the trendy Kitsilano area of Vancouver, Virchew produces, markets, sells - and delivers direct to the customer - their own foods and treats supported by trail-blazing veterinary nutrition programs. There's no going back to a retail-only model for distribution. For the past two years (during Covid 19), consumers have relied on D2C for all their needs and are accustomed to shopping online. Virchew plans to listen deeply to consumer feedback and is developing the expansion of its business model to include setting up in major centers across Canada and the USA.

A recent New York Times article noted that investing for social good, or 'impact investing' has finally become profitable of the unique approach that women have towards investing. It took a pandemic to make people realize that investing in companies that are ethical and transparent, did better than more traditional investment vehicles and options. Simonson truly believes that we are witnessing a turning point for women investors, that encourages more women to use impact investing for social and environmental good.


If what Laura Simonson is building with Virchew speaks to your values, do not hesitate to reach out. Our current round of financing is now open and we look forward to meeting with you.

This invitation is open to accredited investors and present shareholders of Virchew.

Learn more here >


Laura Simonson, Founder of Virchew

778 968 8880

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