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VIRCHEW: From Dream to Dinner

From the inception of Virchew, our founder Laura Simonson and the Virchew team of veterinary advisors knew that 100% plant-based canine nutrition could provide very exciting solutions for dogs dealing with food sensitivities (skin and/or digestive) and other mysterious, chronic issues. So it comes as no surprise that almost three years after the official launch of Virchew in the fall of 2020, Virchew has demonstrated that it's LOVE Bowl formulation is a recipe for results at dinner time. The most profound results are being seen with skin, digestive, senior customers, and the 'picky eaters'.

The Next Generation of LOVE

#DYK that food sensitivities can be affecting 35%+ of the canine population, just in North America? That means over 30 million dogs in North America are suffering from these issues, along with their humans.

Due to this market need and the results from the first LOVE Bowl formulation Virchew has started the development of a second formulation which will specifically target dogs that suffer from food sensitivities that can manifest into skin or digestive issues. This new formulation features exciting and innovative hemp protein blend combined with other wholesome, sustainable (drool-worthy) foods that hold potential nutritional and health benefits. Similar to the LOVE Bowl formulation, it will be another Virchew first of its kind in the industry. Stay tuned!

The Successes Speak for Themselves!

Throughout our journey, we've been compiling stories from pet parents who are finding relief from food sensitivities through Virchew's meals and treats. Let's meet some of Virchew's rebarkable success stories!

Meet Archer: No More Skin Issues!

Archer from Alberta. Laura Simonson, founder of Virchew, offers vegan plant-based dog food from Vancouver, BC

"Archer had skin troubles and ear infections, as far back as we can remember. We cycled through so many different foods. From kibble to exotic meats, home-made with venison, raw food, and at one point, we were so desperate to heal his skin, he was eating special order quail eggs.⁠ The hot spots were particularly bad on his back, legs, and under one ear. The pain he was in made our hearts hurt. Nothing worked. The vet visits, the medicines, and the feeling of helplessness, became unbearable. Our beautiful boy was never healing.⁠

We heard about Virchew through a relative in Vancouver who lives plant-based. We are pretty self-sufficient, hunting and fishing, and were reticent at the start when it was suggested to try this new food. All veggies with algae? Dehydrated? What? But we were at the end of our rope and accepted the first box. ⁠Archer took to it within a few days and has been on it for a few months now. We are ecstatic to share his skin is completely healed and he hasn't had one ear infection since. He hasn't lost weight on his all-veggie diet and is thriving. His energy and sleeping are great. We are so happy!"⁠ ~ Sandi S.

Archer's story is one that we hear often - the cycle of expensive vet visits filled with expensive tests and medications, to trying out every new 'novel animal protein' diet and trending topper - when a clean diet devoid of animal protein was exactly what Archer needed.

Meet Rowdy: No More Tummy Troubles!

Rowdy benefits from a healthy diet, developed by Laura Simonson, founder of Virchew, a vegan plant-based dog food from Vancouver, BC

"Rowdy is a pooping machine now. He has also been a lot more relaxed with less gut pain and reduced overall anxiety!! He was initially thought to have low back pain from a hip issue and our vet had him on all kinds of meds. We switched to Virchew and his constipation and pain went away." ~ Dr. Paul Greenwood

Your dogs' gut microbiome and the role of powerful plant foods for dogs are incredibly important to understanding 'good poops!' So many needlessly cycle through bouts of diarrhea and constipation. It is empowering to understand what we feed our four-legged friends can dramatically impact their overall health. Like humans, a diverse gut microbiome is adaptable and resilient and plays many roles in promoting health.

To learn more about your dogs' digestion, we recommend Part I and Part II of 'Let's Dish on a Dog's Digestive System & Microbiome' by Tatiana Victorino, BSc., our Lead - Operations & Research.

Meet Snickers: Happy for Walks Again!

Snickers a senior dog benefits from dog food developed by  Laura Simonson, founder of Virchew, which delivers vegan plant-based dog food to clients in Vancouver, BC

“At almost 14 years old, this grey muzzled gal is still young-at-heart despite having arthritis for many years and recurring bouts of pancreatitis. Transitioning to the Virchew diet was achieved without problem and has been thriving on VIRCHEW for almost two years now. Her mobility has increased, she is more alert, and with her weight loss, she is sleeping through the night without crying from arthritis pain every time she moved around.” ~ Helen S.

Similar to ourselves, dogs’ health and strength tend to deteriorate with age. Senior citizens and senior dogs alike struggle with mobility and may need more support to get up and around. However, just because mobility in senior dogs declines over time, doesn’t mean their quality of life has to too. If you notice your dog is slowing down with age, you will want to do everything you can to make their life easier and more comfortable.

Being able to identify symptoms will help you find the most targeted solutions to your dog’s mobility issues. Watch for your dog beginning to walk slower or limp, struggle to sit and stand, slip when getting up or walking around, or hesitate to engage in previously normal activities.

Snickers has a better quality of life after switching to Virchew. Her medications for arthritis and pancreatitis have been reduced 75% and vet visits have been reduced 50% and are for annual check-up's and senior-related blood tests. Woofoo!

Meet Jebus: Sharing a Passion for Life!

Jebus and sisters benefit from dog food developed by  Laura Simonson, founder of Virchew, which delivers vegan plant-based dog food to clients in Vancouver, BC

"All three of our dogs absolutely love Virchew! Trying to find a dog food that is gentle on our Jebus' teeth (he's 16!) , okay for Tatum's sensitive stomach and doesn't wreak havoc on Eva's allergies seems like it should be impossible! Thanks to Virchew what's seems out of the question has proven to be possible. I love that it's made with ingredients I recognize, made locally and healthy. Not only that, but because it's plant based we don't have to contribute to animal suffering, are able keep in line with my own personal ethics all while making sure all three of our best friends get the nutrition they need. Plants + Love = the right choice for me and our dogs. Thank you Virchew!" - Nora Mills

Like Snickers, Jebus was experiencing senior-related mobility issues, even requiring a set of shiny wheels for a period of time! His love of Virchew is shared on social media by his paw-rent Nora who knows the value in investing in nutritionally sound food for him and his sisters and shares so as to inspire others to step away from the 'dog food' industry messaging and do what is right for all dogs.

Meet Luca and Paco: No Picky Eaters Here!

Paco & Luca benefit from dog food developed by  Laura Simonson, founder of Virchew, which delivers vegan plant-based dog food to clients in Vancouver, BC

“My wife and I are relieved to have finally found a vegan dog food for our pups that they love to eat! We were involved in the original pilot program and eagerly awaited the release of Virchew. Both of our dogs, Luca & Paco, have been devouring Virchew since Oct of 2020 and they have been thriving ever since. Virchew has helped them maintain an abundance of energy, a healthy & shiny coat, consistent & healthy bowel movements, etc, etc. The team at Virchew have worked diligently to provide all the nutritional necessities that a dog requires within a plant based diet. We would highly recommend Virchew to anyone looking to improve the health of their dog while maintaining the choice of a vegan way of life.“ - Jason and Giselle

When you have two dogs that are experiencing a myriad of diet-related problems, finding a solution, that is in one box, would be akin to searching for the Holy Grail! Fortunately, Virchew is exactly that.

Is It Time to Choose Virchew for Your Dog's Happy and Healthy Life?

If your dog is dealing with health issues that could be related to nutrition, Virchew could be your dog's delicious solution.

Does your doggo want a free sample of Virchew? (Available only in Canada at this time!) Fetch it here.

Virchew is transforming the dog food industry by serving up the first plant-based meals and treats for dogs powered by trail-blazing veterinary nutrition programs - with a dogged focus on skin, digestive and preventative solutions.

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