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NPC Honours VIRCHEW in Its 2023 Game Changers Report

Everyone at Virchew HQ is thrilled to share their inclusion in Game Changers: Leading Companies. Powered by Women, an initiative led by Natural Products Canada (NPC) that celebrates over 100 women-led companies and provides an interesting look at Canada’s growing natural and bio-based industries.

Laura Simonson, founder of Virchew, has positioned the company as the leader of the pack and a timely investment opportunity in today's marketplace. With sustainability and corporate social responsibly deeply embedded in the brand's DNA, she and the Virchew team continue to push forward while disrupting the dog food industry.

Shelley King, CEO of Natural Products Canada said “Canadians should be proud of these innovative companies that are delivering better, healthier options for people and the planet. The women leading these companies are truly making a difference, and we are very proud to provide this platform to introduce them to new customers and partners.”

"To be included in the NPC Game Changers Report and in the Globe and Mail, a mere two years after our first LOVE Bowl was delivered is an incredible honour and testament to the extraordinary support from the Virchew crew, customers, and community," shares Laura.

Why Did NPC 'Chews' VIRCHEW?

An important distinction is that Virchew is the first Canadian, woman-owned plant-based brand for dogs. Virchew is not a typical kibble company; groundbreaking veterinary nutrition programs support all products. As such, the innovative 100% plant-based food uses raw or lightly processed Canadian and North American non-GMO ingredients.

Laura states it like it is: "Virchew has always been and will continue to be a groundbreaking innovative food company for humanity's best friend that values the lives of all animals and respects our earth. It's just the right thing to do." 

After a decade of dogged dedication and research, Virchew offers unique dry foods that do not require typical extruding or cooking methods, therefore using a fraction of the energy that most production methods require. All product is shipped directly from the Kitsilano production facility to customers’ doors across Canada.

The direct-to-consumer and vertical business model, unique foods, and timely entry into a fast-expanding marketplace have seen the company's customer base triple and sales grow significantly in 2022. 

Laura is excited to share that "in the next five years, Virchew's quest is to be internationally recognized as a highly-respected, leading nutrition brand for dogs with a Virchew Sample Shop and Canine Nutrition Centre presence in several cities throughout N. America over the next 5 years."

Who is Natural Products Canada (NPC)?

NPC is a national organization that supports bio-based innovation, and this first of its kind Game Changers report showcases the breadth of female leadership in Canadian companies that are creating economic and social impact through their natural and bio-based products. The report features companies from across the country with products designed for consumers seeking new options for their health and wellness such as food, beauty and personal care items, as well as industrial products such as bio resins and biopesticides that help corporations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals.

Watch for more exciting announcements from Virchew coming soon!

Game Changers: Leading Companies. Powered by Women is sponsored by TD.

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