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Make a Gift. Feel Happy!

Updated: Nov 21

"Giving is a natural response of love." - Anonymous

#DYK that being generous really does make you happier? We realize it doesn't take a neuroscientist to know that doing nice things for people feels good. But now, researchers say they’ve discovered that even thinking about doing something generous has real mood-boosting benefits in the brain. Plus, there are dozens of studies that demonstrate and prove the power of altruism and giving!

As we near the season of giving and love, we're happily updating our list of remarkable local sanctuaries, rescues and organizations that are in need of resources and funds to continue their work - that saves lives.

Over the years, Laura Simonson and her partner Gord have stopped exchanging gifts in lieu of GIVING to those who truly need the love through funds or resources, and, oooh, what feeling. There is simply nothing more powerful than the feeling of giving, is there? Plus, Miss Seva (the self-proclaimed, "Top Dog," here at Virchew) has more than enough balls and tug toys (not according to her obviously 😉) so they always give to animal rescues throughout the whole year - not just during this festive time.

Together they love and respect all the heavy-lifting (emotionally and physically) that animal welfare organizations do. Therefore, as we get closer to the season of giving, Laura wanted to share even more love. So, she updated this blog article highlighting a few BC-based organizations that are doing phenomenal, selfless service for so many animals and the people who adore them. And, most important these organizations SAVE lives.

Imagine if everyone who reads this shared a gift of just $5 - $10 dollars to a handful of these organizations? Imagine the difference these selfless leaders and change-makers could make?

"Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege." - John D.Rockefeller, Jr.

You are the HERO. Thank you for sharing your gift, no matter the size, with all or any of the following organizations:


Located in Mission, BC, SAINTS Rescue is an end-of-life sanctuary for unwanted, sick senior animals who need a safe place to live out their final days in comfort and peace. Helping geriatric farm animals to palliative cats and dogs passed by adopters at municipal shelters, SAINTS opens its doors to the animals who have special needs and like us, just want to be loved.

Wildlife Rescue Association of BC

As Western Canada’s busiest wildlife rehabilitation centre - caring for nearly 5,000 animals every year - the staff take in injured, orphaned, and pollution-impacted wildlife. From all over BC, animals arrive to receive professional care and treatment.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

The CHDC is a collective of activist groups that have joined together to push for a ban on slaughtering horses for human consumption in Canada. Singer Jann Arden is a supporter and has joined forces with CHDC to push the ban on exporting live horses for human consumption abroad.

Rabbitats Rescue

Rabbitats Rescue Society helps abandoned and feral pet rabbits by promoting sanctuary rescue, developing non-traditional destinations and advocating for better laws. The Abbotsford flooding has been devastating to the rabbit population, and Rabbitats is inundated with rabbits requiring emergency aid.

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Greyhaven is a non-profit society whose purpose is to provide rescue and protection for parrots with an extensive adoption program. Placing parrots in new loving homes is priority one. This non-profit agency has been facing an uphill battle since 2016 when it took in an astounding 584 parrots in deplorable conditions from World Parrot Refuge on Vancouver Island.

Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary

Located in Maple Ridge, BC, Hearts on Noses (HONs) was established in 1999 as a sanctuary for potbellied pigs after the popular ‘mini-pigs’ started being abandoned when their owners tired of the novelty and the time and money required to keep them as pets. Caretaker Janice Gillett works tirelessly with the aid of weekly volunteers, but there are never enough hands or funds to go around.


The Fur-Bearers help to protect fur-bearing animals in the wild and confinement and have a mission to end fur farming — what they call “hell on earth for animals.” Their goal is to end the commercial fur trade and promote wildlife coexistence in communities.

Vancouver Humane Society

The Vancouver Humane Society has been fighting for the humane treatment of animals, from farmed animals to species in captivity at zoos, for nearly 40 years. Its current campaigns include helping pets in need during the COVID pandemic, ending the use of animals in rodeos, and providing free vet care for animals belonging to marginalized women with limited income.

Happy Herd Sanctuary

Happy Herd is a charity farm sanctuary in Langley, giving a forever home for at-risk farm animals rescued from poor conditions. The sanctuary includes goats, chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, hens, ducks, cats, dogs, and donkeys.

Paws for Hope Foundation

Paws for Hope is a multi-pronged non-profit that does everything from support rescue groups to educating consumers about animal testing in everyday household items. Paws for Hope offers services, initiatives, and funding opportunities to support qualified volunteer-run animal welfare and rescue charities in BC with its Guardian Angel program.

Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary

Carrie and Ron Shogan co-founded Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary in March of 2018 when they realized that non-human animals were not a commodity and had the same rights to life, love, and safety as the rest of their family. LOBPS is a vegan farm animal sanctuary, providing safety to more than 70 farm animals rescued from abuse, neglect, industry mistreatment, and unethical breeders, and includes full-size pig breeds, cows, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks, dogs, and cats.

VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association)

For over two decades, VOKRA - a volunteer-driven non-profit - has been dedicated to rescuing cats in the Lower Mainland and ending pet overpopulation. Each year, they take in hundreds of cats and kittens and operate an impressive foster parent network. Under the guidance of Karen Duncan and a board of directors, VOKRA works with a coalition of other groups to provide TNR (trap neuter return) services to communities in the region.

Critter Care Wildlife

Critter Care Wildlife Society specializes in the treatment, care and release of sick, injured and orphaned animals. Each year it deals with hundreds of animals that have been severely debilitated, often resulting from human-animal conflicts, including animals hit by cars, animals accidentally (and intentionally) poisoned, or trapped.

OWL Rehabilitation Society

This non-profit is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured and orphaned eagles, falcons, hawks, ospreys, owls, & vultures - some years over 700 injured raptors - and educating the public on their conservation and importance. Nearly 50 raptors are permanent residents at the facility, which takes in raptors from all over the province and the US.

Home for Hooves

HOH is a volunteer-run, registered Charity organization, that offers a forever home for rescued farm animals in Duncan, BC. The sanctuary was founded in September 2017 and currently, they care for nearly 200 residents including pigs, goats, sheep, cattle, horses, donkeys, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, peafowl, dogs, guinea pigs, and cats. In 2022, they will take on 171 animals from RASTA Sanctuary and are in desperate need of expansion funds.

In summary, when we give we ALL benefit and plus, it's science!

"The love we give away is the only love we keep." - Elbert Hubbard

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