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Dog Food: What If We Write a New Story? Preface

There's always more to a story, isn't there?

It's been over 30 years since I first started researching plant-based diets for dogs. This led me to feed a plant-based diet to my first border collie, Shanti, for 13 years. Which then led me to the development of Virchew. As you can imagine, I've examined and experienced this topic from every possible angle.

Laura Simonson, founder and CEO of Virchew plantbased vegan dog food at Planted Expo in Vancouver, BC, Canada, before taking the stage to present.

When I was asked to present at Planted Expo 2023 in Vancouver this past spring, my preparation for the day guided me to a realization I had not articulated before. 

While collecting the history and statistics for the present dog food industry, I experienced a significant shift in my perspective, not just about the typical dog food industry or vegan dog food, but most aspects of life and business.

It's all made up.

I know that sounds simplistic, but if it's been made by humans, it's been made up. Someone had an idea and invented something from that idea, or the idea caused someone else to create something. Curiosity, creativity, and the need to build are part of our human condition. From the beginning, humans have made things and made up stories and experiences to go along with them.

Now, using the context of the 'story' of how the present pet food industry evolved: we know it was all made up. It started with an idea that led to today's animal-based pet food industry. [More on this in Chapter One - our next blog in this series].

What if... WE make up a new story about food for dogs?

As I shared on the stage at the Planted Expo, "It's time for a new dog diet story." And I'm not alone. There are thousands of informed animal lovers, hundreds of veterinarians, and new, plant-based dog food companies who are also characters in the creation of this new story. 

Seva, a border collie, finishes a bowl of plantbased vegan dog food called Virchew that was created in Vancouver, BC, Canada, by Laura Simonson in Kitsilano.

Over the next few weeks, we'll begin exploring these deeper perspectives, ideas, discoveries and questions that have evolved due to many years of personal and professional passion, research and dogged dedication to plant-based nutrition.

I hope you are inspired by the possibilities that could mean an entirely new paradigm for our best pal's long and healthy life - that, in turn, could positively impact our collective evolution in ways we could not even imagine.

With that, I'll leave you with another question to ponder...

If it's possible to create foods for millions of dogs made with nourishing, sustainable, regenerative ingredients that are good for our dogs, good for our earth and good for our hearts, why wouldn't we? 


Author Profile:

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Laura Simonson founded the first woman-owned, plant-based, direct-to-consumer dog nutrition & lifestyle brand. Virchew's unique business model is supported by groundbreaking veterinary nutrition partnerships focusing on dietary solutions for common health issues affecting millions of dogs worldwide.

Learn more about Laura and Virchew here >

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