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2021: Now, for some Good News.

Whew. Whoof. What a year! Between the 'vid', climate challenges, and the unraveling of racial inequality - but, the good news? Our furry best friends have been right there by our sides.

Amidst the doom and gloom of the noise from hundreds of news outlets, Laura and the Virchew Team sought out and are doggedly delighted to share the top 'good news' stories of the year. These stories remind us of what a precious blessing our furry friends are to our lives every day of the year. And, it reminded us of why we brought Virchew to life. It's not about 'dog food.' Virchew is a celebration of foods and services that are good for our dogs, good for our earth, and good for our hearts.

Now, as this tumultuous year comes to an end and we gather to reminisce about what has been, let’s all share inspiration, gratitude, and thoughtfulness with those around us.

Grab a warm cup of your fave comfort sip, cuddle up with your pooch and enjoy these rebarkable stories of inspiration and pawsitively good news! And, share them with friends who may need a little extra ‘woof’ in this holiday season!

Call Me Maybe?

A computer scientist and her doggo have created a device that allows lonely puppers to make video calls to their hoomans, in hopes of easing separation anxiety during the restrictions. The system is called DogPhone and works when a pet picks up and shakes a ball fitted with an accelerometer! Full Story Here!

Need a Furry Brunch Date?

A big WoofHoo to our friends in Nova Scotia! Earlier this year, Nova Scotia has announced that canine companion animals will now be allowed to accompany join their paw-rents at local restaurant, bar, and café patios. Order this Story Now!

What's In a Name?

A study of six ‘genius dogs’ has found that they can recognize the names of more than 100 toys. The Border Collie's were studied – in a two-year live-streamed experiment – which found that they could learn a new toy name after hearing it only a few times and remembered them months later. Click Here for the Details!

Doing the Right Thing

When a paw-rent in New Zealand noticed the lack of good sticks in his neighbourhood park, he decided to take matters into his own hands. A ‘Stick Library’ was created and puppy tails have been wagging in gratitude ever since. Fetch this Story Here!

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Brazilian artist, environmentalist, and animal lover Amarildo Silva Filho was inspired to do this after coming across a pile of used tires in his neighbourhood a few years ago. The ultimate repurposing challenge resulted in the most comfortable and adorable beds for his furry friends. Curl Up with this Story Here!

Shaggy Surf's Up!

In Italy, an elite squadron of 350 specially trained canines from the Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs has successfully been patrolling the beaches, working as lifeguards. Fearless, devoted, and cherished, these furry life-savers are just paw-some. Take the Plunge & Read More Here!

Doggo on a Mission

A four-year-old hound mix named Boone recently took home the top Therapy Dog prize at the American Humane Hero Dog Awards gala in Florida. With his back legs amputated due to mistreatment, little did his foster family know that when they fitted him with a wheelchair that he would be a dog with a mission spreading love and confidence to those in need. Roll-up to this Story Here!

A Bear Hug for Koala's

Bear, an Australian rescue dog with a keen sense of smell and enthusiasm for play, made him the ideal doggo to join the Detection Dogs for Conservation team. He is responsible for saving the lives of over 100 koalas injured in the wildfires of 2020. WoofHoooo! More Heroics Here!

As each year rolls by, we live, love, and grow as humans. Always remember to be kind, be vocal, and give where you can. From everyone at Virchew HQ, we woof you a Happy and Healthy Holiday season!

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